Knowing What to Expect When You File a PTDS Workers Comp Claim in St. Paul

Post-traumatic stress disorder can make it difficult or impossible to keep a job. People who suffer from it experience debilitating symptoms like anxiety and panic attacks. They also frequently deal with crippling depression that can leave them bedridden for days.

When you have been diagnosed with this illness, you need to focus on getting better rather than working a full-time job. You can file a PTSD workers compensation claim in St. Paul to receive benefits that you need to sustain yourself while you recover.

Filing Your Initial Claim

The process of filing a PTSD workers compensation claim in St. Paul begins with completing the paperwork online or with an attorney. If you are not familiar with the paperwork, you could find it best to fill them out with a skilled workers comp attorney. Your lawyer will know what the court needs in this initial phase of your case to get the process off to a good start.

Providing Proof of Your Illness

Your attorney can also help you provide the proof of your illness to show to the court. You could submit psychiatric reports, proof of medications that you take, reports from your primary care doctor, and other documentation. This proof is essential for establishing your illness with the court.

If you are turned down on the initial petition, you will need to file a new PTSD workers compensation claim in St. Paul. Your attorney can file your appeals for you. You can continue to appeal until you win your case.

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