Kias Among the Best Used Cars in Uniontown

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Autos

A Kia Sorrento minivan or Optima sedan is an excellent choice when you’re ready to buy a new car. Even better, both of these Kia models are superb used car selections for a number of reasons. The value and savings available in pre-owned and certified pre-owned Kias are worth a visit to Jim Shorkey Uniontown Kia. You can drive away from the dealership in a used car that, in many cases, is an even better deal than a new car of a different model.

One of the reasons a used Kia is such a bargain is the company’s extended warranty plan. New Kias boast one of the best extended warranties in the auto industry, and, even better, the warranty stays with the car when it’s sold. If you’re able to buy an only slightly used Sorrento or Optima, the warranty may last as long as you own the car, something practically no other car company can claim. The nearly negligible expense of replacing or repairing components of the car thanks to the extended warranty make it one of the best used cars in Uniontown.

Another benefit of choosing a used car like a Kia is the certified pre-owned guarantee many of the cars have. A certified pre-owned car is usually a late-model vehicle that has been inspected by the manufacturer or a dealer authorized to certify used cars. When necessary the cars are refurbished when they are inspected. In addition to the inspection and refurbishing that assures you the car is road-worthy, many dealers offer special financing for the vehicles in their certified pre-owned car programs. No longer do you have to worry that you’re buying a lemon from a shady used-car salesman. You can trust a dealer who is dedicated to making sure that the car you purchase is worth the money you’ve paid for it.

Sales tax is another reason to consider buying a used Kia rather than one that is brand new. Because the price is lower, the tax will be lower. However, some states mandate a larger tax percentage on new cars in comparison to used cars. You’ll likely find that the selection of Used Cars in Uniontown includes a number of Kias that can meet all the requirements you and your family have for your next car.

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