Key Signs That You Need Mold Removal in Portland, CT

Mold growing in nature can be mildly dangerous, but an experienced person can learn how to avoid contact with it and keep the risk of exposure to a minimum. However, mold can also sneak into a residential or commercial property without any occupants noticing, and this is when mold can become potentially deadly even through indirect contact. At best, mold hiding in a home can cause allergy symptoms for those living there, including sneezing, sore eyes, nasal drainage, and nasal congestion. However, mold removal can offer relief.


Consider the way food can smell if left to grow mold in your sink or refrigerator, and then take the time to walk through your home looking for the same odor anywhere else on the property. Mold removal in Portland, CT is something you should immediately call on if you begin to notice the smell of mold in any area of your home, even if you do not see the mold itself. This problem will only grow worse and become a potential health threat.


Visible mold growth might seem to be an obvious sign, but many people do not notice miniscule dots of mold beginning to grow on a wall. Black mold can look as if dirt or soot has been sprinkled onto a surface, and some people simply ignore mold development.


Any long term moisture issues in your property will inevitably lead to mold growing inside and on walls, along the ceiling, and in dark and damp areas such as the attic or basement. If for any reason you believe that there is moisture present in your home for long periods of time, calling for an annual or biannual mold removal service will help ensure that you are safe. Your health should be your top concern, and mold removal specialists will be glad to help.

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