Keep Your RV Safe: Tips for Putting Your RV in RV Storage Facilities

It’s likely that your recreational vehicle is one of your most beloved assets, especially when in use. During the offseason, it’s important that you protect your RV by finding a place to safely store it.

While you can keep your RV on your property during the offseason, this leaves it at risk for damage or vandalism. Instead of taking this risk, it’s best to choose a storage facility that you can trust. Read on for important tips to take care of your RV in storage.

Protect Your RV From Pests

One of the most important ways to care for your RV while it’s in storage is to protect it from insects and pests. No one wants to take out their RV to find roaches, mice, and other pests.

Keep these animals out by making sure to close the vents and roof, in addition to turning off your gas. Likewise, make sure there are no crumbs or other food items left in the RV as this will attract pests.

Deep Clean Your RV

Even in RV storage facilities, these vehicles need regular maintenance. While your RV waits for its next ride, make it a point to deep clean it.

During your deep clean, clean out the RV’s fridge, bathroom, vents, and freezer. Make sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces, floors, shelves, and tables as well. Once winter is over, you’ll come back to a freshly cleaned RV that’s ready to ride.

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