Keep Hayward Hospital Operating Rooms Flowing With Efficiency Tips

A functional operating room is essential for multiple patients to be seen during the week. The department should have the proper staff as well as the equipment to treat the number of patients that could be seen. Here are a few steps to keep in mind when changing your operating room routine.


One or two managers who know all the details of the operating room should be in charge so that patients are taken care of and so that all the files are organized and maintained. The managers can lead the nurses and other staff members so that everyone understands the role they must ensure OR efficiency.


The start time of the first case should be as precise as possible. This is a way that OR efficiency can be drastically increased in a brief time. Doctors, nurses, and other workers should be in the operating room or in the building well ahead of the start time to get everything clean and ready for the first patient. Each case after the first should be blocked in a way that allows for emergencies but that also keeps patients flowing instead of keeping them waiting.


All supplies should be sterilized and in packages that are unopened if possible. Patients should have items that they need as well so that they are comfortable before and after surgery. These items include warm blankets, pillows, and call buttons so that they can ask for help when needed.

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