Is Renting a Student Apartment with Your Friends a Good Idea?

As you browse the affordable off-campus apartments by LSU, you might have already assumed that you’ll be renting with your friends. It’s the perfect set-up, right? You go to class during the day, then come back to the apartment and hang out all night long.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Here’s what you should consider before signing the contract with your friends.

Renting a student apartment with your friends might be fun at first. But after you’ve done it for weeks, you might start to get a little tired of each other. When you live with someone, you start seeing all their flaws. You notice habits that you never would have noticed if you weren’t living together. The things that were mildly irritating become annoying and frustrating.

In fact, many friendships have ended because the friends decided to get an apartment together. Before signing a contract, ask yourself if you know your friends well enough that you can live with them for months at a time. It might be easy to say “Sure, I know everything about my friends!” But unfortunately, you don’t–not until you’ve lived with them for the first time.

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