Is It Easy to Live with Marble Countertops?

When you renovate or upgrade your kitchen, you may be wondering what it would be like to live with marble countertops in Minneapolis. For those experienced with marble, they probably wouldn’t choose any other option, but are they practical when you live in a busy kitchen?

Marble Countertops Stand Out

As your friends visit, they will certainly notice your marble countertops in Minneapolis. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive marble to provide an excellent look and finish.

You may have compared your investment with quartz and granite as your countertop options and it is a personal choice that will probably help you make your final decision.

Don’t Panic About Scratches

You can’t spend the entirety of your kitchen life worried about scratching your marble. It is going to happen, however you can carefully treat your marble countertops in Minneapolis.

Sealing the marble is essential. Before you complete that task, some food items may leave a very faint stain that will appear very difficult to remove. Once the sealing is complete, you will probably always be careful about wiping away foodstuffs that could stain your marble, but less worried about splashing coffee or red wine because they are easily wiped away to leave a perfect finish.

Experts will suggest that a small mixture of baking soda and water will remove most small stains, having mixed them into a paste and allowed to rest until the following morning. Some individuals will tell you that minor stains are eventually absorbed into the marble and they will disappear from your eye’s view.

You may be told that lemon and lime may leave a mark on your marble countertops. This may be true, but over time they will become part of your countertop and although they will fade and you may only be able to observe them from a specific angle and when certain lights are on, they just become part of your kitchen.

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