Injured in a Restaurant? Call a Personal Injury Law Firm in Towson, MD

While most restaurants provide great food and friendly service at fair prices, a fair share of mishaps occur. From becoming a food poisoning victim to finding foreign matter in a dish, an upset patron may wonder when it is acceptable to sue an eatery. Below are several questions to ask when considering hiring a personal injury law firm in Towson, MD and suing a restaurant.

Do the Advantages Outweigh the Drawbacks and Costs?

To put it plainly, a court case will command a litigant’s money, time and patience. Because these cases are focused on making a restaurant pay for a patron’s damages, it’s important for the claimant to carefully add up their expenses, determine the value of the case, and decide whether a lawsuit makes sense. A personal injury law firm in Towson, MD can help a client make these decisions.

Who Owns the Eatery?

A restaurant lawsuit will not get that far if the claimant doesn’t sue the right entity. Before starting a lawsuit, identify the usual suspects. For instance, a litigation target may be an individual, a franchisee, or a national restaurant chain.

How Serious Are the Injuries?

Next, the claimant must ensure that their injuries are serious enough to justify a lawsuit. If not, they risk having the case deemed frivolous and thrown out of court. One of a claimant’s first steps should be to document everything that’s happened since the event, such as hospital visits, medical bills, lost wages, and time away from work.

What’s the Reason for the Lawsuit?

To win a personal injury case against a restaurant, a person needs a valid legal claim. For instance, the most common causes of action in these cases are negligent hiring, poor training, negligent supervision, food poisoning, and premises liability.

Did the Victim Seek Medical Help Right Away?

If a person becomes ill or is injured at a restaurant, they should go to the emergency room or doctor’s office to get a professional assessment of their health. A physician’s comments on a person’s injuries will carry more weight than the victim’s in most instances.

Most people go to restaurants expecting a tasty meal and a nice evening, but that’s not always the case. For additional guidance and legal advice, call the firm or visit our website.

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