Important Things to Know about Industrial Chiller Maintenance

Chillers are important parts of many industrial facilities these days. They can air condition large spaces or cool down warm liquids or materials. However, a chiller does not work like a standard AC unit and here are some important things to be aware of, so you may not have to replace parts like a York chiller motor soon.

Track Your Statistics

Unless you know what happens during normal operating conditions, you may not know when it is time for maintenance. Here are some things to check and keep in your maintenance records:

  • Temperatures
  • Flow rates
  • Pressure readings
  • Fluid levels

Instead of keeping a daily log, consider installing a remote monitoring system. It constantly tracks chiller conditions, to make it easier on components like the compressor and York chiller motor. Remote monitoring gives you accurate records of all your readings so you can compare data in the future. This can help you avoid many problems including breakdowns.


Chillers depend on heat transfer, and when tubes get dirty, efficiency drops. Make sure scale and minerals get removed frequently. This may take special cleaning agents but is well worth the investment. Look for approach temperatures which are higher than normal. This indicates problems with heat transfer.

Keeping the Condenser Clean

Check the water for the cooling tower. It should contain chemicals designed to eliminate scale build up. With the right chemicals, you may have to clean condensers less often. You enjoy greater efficiency, use less energy, and can lower operating costs.

Use the Best Source for Parts

If you need parts like a York chiller motor, consider the benefits of reconditioned motors. You can save a lot of money and not sacrifice equipment durability or performance. Some suppliers offer surplus motors which are as good as new, except they cost less.

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