Importance of Solar Energy Companies in Maui

The Energy Information Administration released a report stating that energy generated from renewable sources accounted for over 15% of the total energy consumed and 9.4% of the electricity generated nationwide. Renewable energy technologies have the potential to strengthen the current supply of our nation’s energy, improve the quality of the environment, and contribute positively to a strong and long-lasting energy economy.

However, Solar Energy Companies in Maui have yet to tap the full potential and possibilities that can be found in the sun’s energy. The amount of sunlight which strikes the surface of the earth in just 1 ½ hour is more than enough to take care of the energy needs of the entire world for a full year. Solar energy has the potential of being able to drive and power the world’s industries as well as the daily lives of its citizens.

Systems which leverage solar energy come in various shapes and sizes. Residential systems which are mounted on rooftops are gaining increasing popularity across the country, while many businesses also join the trend by installing solar panels to reduce the amount they pay for energy. Utility companies are also building huge solar powered plants to offer cleaner and sustainable energy to their customers who are connected to their grid.

There are two main kinds of technologies that leverage solar energy. They are PV (photovoltaic) and CSP (concentrating solar power). The most common is the photovoltaic which among other things, is used in the easily recognizable solar panels. When the sun rays impact on a solar panel, the photons present in the sunlight become absorbed by the cells that are in the panel. This then generates an electric field over all the layers, which results in the flow of electric current.

The other technology i.e. CSP is used mainly in extremely large power plants. This technology is not suitable for residential use and conventional businesses. It uses mirrors to concentrate the sunlight onto special receivers which collect the solar energy and then convert it to heat. This heat is then used to generate electricity.

Solar Energy Companies in Maui are very important to both the residential and the business community. In particular, The Sonshine Solar Corp has made inroads into tapping the amazing potentials of solar energy.

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