Importance of Concrete Repair in Atlanta, GA, for Apartment Buildings

The apartment building owners need to maintain the appearance and entrance of the apartments because it can be a deciding factor for current and potential residents. For instance, uneven concrete on stairs and sidewalks can be a deal-breaker for many potential tenants, which is why concrete repair in Atlanta, GA, should be the ultimate priority of building owners.

Curb Appeal

The potential tenants have multiple options, and the building owners are competing with other housing options. Keep in mind that before they see the master suites and efficient kitchens, they will see the entryway and other spaces that lead to the apartment door. If they see an uneven sidewalk that can lead to tripping, they will say no right away. For this reason, you must get concrete repair in Atlanta, GA, to ensure the concrete surfaces are leveled and look well.

ADA Compliance

The ADA has set specific guidelines that ensure everyone has the same access to buildings and sidewalks, irrespective of their mobility. Vertical change of over ¼ inches on the concrete surfaces can be dangerous for people with impaired visibility and people who use wheelchairs or crunches. If the concrete surfaces aren’t leveled and it hurts someone, the building owners can end up in court with hefty fines. For this reason, the concrete levels should be regularly checked and resurfaced.

Prevention of Falls

A concrete slab or sidewalk has to be leveled and smooth for everyone to walk on because uneven surfaces can lead to tripping and falling. In addition, the uneven surfaces result in standing water, which can conceal the hazards. So, if someone has an accident due to an uneven concrete surface, the building’s owners will be deemed responsible, which is another reason to get concrete resurfacing done regularly.

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