Importance of Calling on a Professional for Gutter Installation in Lakewood WA

Many people feel that saving money by using a DIY approach is the name of the game when it comes to home improvement projects. Unfortunately, some projects, like Gutter Installation in Lakewood WA come with costly pitfalls if not handled properly. Here are a few reasons that it is important to hire a professional contractor for this type of project.

Pooling Water

Gutters must have a pitch through which water can flow to the downspouts. If this pitch is to shallow, water may pool rather than drain. This adds weight to the gutters making them sag. Over time, this weight can damage the gutters, and the water that remains will encourage mold growth and attract mosquitoes. Another reason that water will pool is when gutter hangers are spaced too far apart. Water will pool in spots with inadequate support, eventually overburdening and breaking the gutters.

Overflow Where Unlevel

While the pitch is essential for drainage, some homeowners overcompensate with a pitch that’s actually too steep. When this happens, the gutters and downspouts can quickly become overwhelmed and overflow. This will damage the gutters as well as the siding, fascia and other structural elements of the home. Another common cause for overflow is when the gutters aren’t level. When they tilt forward, the result is water running over the sides rather than running through them properly.

Weak Links

Sometimes, homeowners who install their own rain gutters are tempted to attach several small sections rather than using long, seamless parts. Maybe this is easier to maneuver, but too many seams can create one or more weak links that will lead to damage and even complete separation of the actual sections. Use the least amount of seams as possible. Custom, seamless gutter designs are ideal for any home.

Rather than attempting to handle your own Gutter Installation in Lakewood WA, hire the professional contractors at CR Gutters Inc. They are a family-owned and operated business that has served the area for over 30 years. They are known for their commitment to quality, integrity and excellent customer service. Take the time to visit the website and request a quote today.

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