Image decisions to consider when you graduate from College

When you graduate from college you will suddenly be faced with living on the precipice between adulthood and youth. It is an exciting time but it can also prove to be a difficult time to find your identity and image. You will be looking for work, or if you are lucky, embarking on your career and suddenly the image you have lived with for the past several years might not work so well for you any more. Here are a few image decisions to consider following your college graduation.

Laser Tattoo Removal
Although tattoos have become more and more mainstream, it might not be something you want when you start your new career. Many students opt to use makeup to cover their tattoos for job interviews, but once you begin your new job you might want to consider laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal has advanced quite a bit and is not only more effective but also less painful without any scarring. It is a process that takes a few treatments but it is a choice that might be worth considering as you face your new life as a professional.

You might have been wearing the latest cutting edge hair style through college but now that you are faced with early rising and rushing to the office each day you might not want to invest so much time in getting that funky look every morning. Consider a new, more refined hair cut that will not only look more professional but that will also be less maintenance each morning. A cut that allows you to play with it for different looks will allow you to go funky on weekends to maintain your wilder persona in your down time.

Your wardrobe was probably quite casual throughout your college days but now that you have graduated you will want to start building a wardrobe that will suit your new professional image. Start with some basics such as a nice black blazer or two, some crisp white blouses, some attractive geometrics and skirts and pants. You can mix and match them for interviews as well as when you start your new job. You can use the clothes until you start earning and can afford to go all out on a new fashionable look you’ll love.

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