If You’re in Apache Junction, Dental Implants are Available to Replace Missing Teeth

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Dentist

Losing teeth is never a good situation to be in, and most people feel a sense of embarrassment when this occurs. Teeth can be lost for just about any reason, but people tend to make judgments about others. Human beings are visually-oriented, so we like to look at nice smiles. A person missing many teeth may eventually feel compelled to not smile, and this is a hurtful situation to be in. People may wonder why one never smiles. When trying to make contacts for work or school, this can hamper ones social interactions. Apache Junction Dental Implants may be the answer that you need to get your smile back, and your confidence, too.

Apache Junction Dental Implants involves a surgical procedure to place a metal post into the mouth of a patient. This post is made of titanium, and as such, the body accepts it as part of itself over time. The post serves as a base for a false tooth and crown. These look just like regular teeth and are permanent. Unlike dentures, dental implants are never removed, and never need to be refitted. The bone will grow around the metal post and secure it just like it would for a root.

Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth, or as a way to provide support for a bridge of several teeth. The time it takes to complete the process varies, based on how fast the patient heals, but it can take 7 months to a year before the final crown is placed.

In order to undergo the dental implant procedure, a patient must have no major oral health issues such as gum disease. The disease must be treated before the implants can be placed. There must also be enough jaw bone to support the titanium post. If there isn’t, bone grafting can be used to construct enough. This will add a significant amount of time to how long it will take to complete the implant procedure. People that have difficulties with healing, such as those with diabetes, cannot receive dental implants due to the risk of infection to them.

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