How Your Dentist Diagnosis and Treats Oral Candidiasis Infections

Oral fungal infections such as candidiasis can be caused by a variety of factors. Your dentist near 60657 will perform a comprehensive examination and get a detailed medical history from you so that he or she can determine the cause. Here are some ways your dentist can diagnose and treat your oral candidiasis infection so that your symptoms resolve as soon as possible.

Visual Inspection

Your dentist will perform a visual inspection of your oral cavity during your examination. He or she will look for telltale signs of a candidiasis fungal infection such as white raised patches in your mouth and throat. The dentist may even gently scrape one of the patches with a blunt instrument to see if it bleeds. Candidiasis patches bleed easily, however, they are seldom very painful.

The dentist will also ask you if you have a history of diabetes or if you recently took antibiotics for a bacterial infection. These factors can raise your risk for oral fungal infections. Once your dentist near 60657 confirms the diagnosis of an oral fungal infection, a treatment plan will be implemented.

Treating Candidiasis Infections

Your dentist will prescribe an anti-fungal mouthwash or oral anti-fungal medication to eliminate the organism responsible for your candidiasis infection. He or she may also recommend that you eat more yogurt or take over-the-counter probiotic supplements. The live bacteria in yogurt and probiotic supplements help restore “good” bacteria to your mouth.

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