How your Child Benefits from a Gifted Program

A child may exhibit signs that he or she is gifted at an early age. Parents will notice the child will have a sharp memory and mature vocabulary. The child may be linguistically and verbally precocious and can be a more sensitive individual, both emotionally and physically. Once at school, the teacher may find the child is able to complete his or her work well before his or her peers and gets easily bored and frustrated when their work is complete. The gifted children are better at socializing with older children and relate better with adults and more mature children. Sometimes they are unable to socialize with their own age group and feel isolated from their peers. If you have found your child to be a gifted learner, for your child to excel and become a sociable individual, you should seek out a gifted program that caters specifically for such intellectually advanced children.

As a parent with such a gifted child at home, it is better to seek a professional opinion in order to provide guidance to your child. A psychologist can better evaluate your child’s true potential through IQ tests and other assessments along with parental feedback and interviews. The professional can make suitable recommendations based on the outcome of such testing results. Admitting your child to a gifted program with accelerated curriculum can be suggested.

Public schools are not adequately equipped to deal with gifted young learners. The large numbers of children in each class makes it difficult for teachers and faculty to provide proper attention to each individual child. Schools that cater to intellectually advanced learners offer a gifted program that is specially designed to stimulate the minds and abilities of such children. These schools usually have smaller class sizes and a more favorable teacher to student ratio. The teachers are also better trained to encourage and supervise a more conducive learning environment that motivates the children to excel and perform better academically.

A gifted learner should be allowed to explore more sophisticated topics from an early age. Even very young learners can grasp basic concepts of math and science. An advanced curriculum also provides teaching in more than one language and introduction to the performing arts. Teachers monitor development of the students with constant assessment and feedback. The schools for gifted learners design special curriculum to motivate and stimulate learners in the gifted program. Potomac residents can find local schools for exceptionally talented children in the Montgomery County area.


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