How You Can Qualify for Free Government Smartphones in Wisconsin

Free Government Smartphones in Wisconsin

In 1985, the federal government passed the Lifeline Assistance Program. Since then, it has enabled thousands to access affordable communication services nationwide. As part of the Universal Service Fund, it’s available to eligible low-income consumers.

As long as your home earns less than 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, you should qualify. So, check and see whether you can receive free smartphone and broadband services now.

Affordable Connectivity Program With Lifeline Assistance

This program includes free talk, text, and data if you qualify for service. Furthermore, qualifying customers also receive a free smartphone packed with features.

As a result, you may access the internet, emails, and social media on the go. In addition, you can use the internet services while away from home, thanks to a monthly data package. The program admins even include 3-way calling, caller ID, and voicemail.

If you are an avid texter, you’ll love the unlimited messaging included with the service. Plus, you can send and receive pictures at no extra cost.

How to Qualify

Many people qualify without realizing they do, and they don’t take advantage of this.

If you receive any of the following programs, you’ll likely qualify for free phone service:

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental security income
  • SNAP benefits
  • Section 8
  • Household income under 135% of FPG

For a single-person household, you must earn less than $27,180 to qualify. Nevertheless, this increases to $36,620 if you are in a two-person household.

If you’re interested in receiving free government smartphones Wisconsin and free monthly service, there are several ways to qualify, as the program is intended to help low-income families access phone services.

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