How You Can Locate Illinois’ Best Kane County Child Custody Lawyers

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If you’re currently embroiled in a child custody case in the state of Illinois, then you need the very best Kane County child custody lawyers to represent you. And it’s also crucial that you understand as much as you can about how the Illinois parental responsibility law impacts child custody cases.

How the Illinois Parental Responsibility Law Impacts Child Custody

Under Illinois state law, a minor is anyone over the age of 11 years of age, but under 19 years of age who is not emancipated. In addition, that minor must be living with the legal guardian or parent for this law to apply. How this applies to child custody cases is best left up to a legal professional. When a judge renders a child custody decision in Illinois, it’s always based on the best interests of the child. All of this may sound a bit confusing to you, which is why you need the best child custody lawyers available in your area. That means that you want a law firm that is:

An experienced family and divorce law firm that represents individuals in a wide range of family law legal matters.

Staffed by experienced and aggressive divorce attorneys who have been successful in obtaining positive outcomes for their clients for more than 25 years and will continue by striving to do the same for you.

Contact the Best Child Custody Lawyers in Kane County

So, contact Keller Legal Services today if all of the above sounds like what you’ve been searching for.

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