How to Tell You have a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA

The fact is that the majority of businesses, condos and single family homes are built on a concrete slab. This means that they are all at risk of developing a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA. It is important to know the tell-tale signs that there is a leak and what to do if one occurs. Some of the most common signs of these types of leaks are highlighted here.

A slab leak is when a copper pipe that is under your homes or businesses concrete slab begins to leak, due to damage or age. The best way to determine if you have a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA is to call on the services of a professional plumber. The most common signs of a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA are as follows:

High Water Bill

You need to be sure that you take notice of your water bills and usage from month to month, as well as year to year. If you see a significant change or increase, it may be signs of a leak.

Hearing Running Water

When you are in one part of your home, there are some situations when you can hear someone in another part of your home using water. This is normal. However, if you hear that sound constantly, and you are sure there is no water being used in your home; you may have a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA.

Water Meter Movement

Another sign you may have a leak in your slab is if you notice that your water meter is moving and no water is in use. This is a clear indication that you may have a leak.

Hotspots on Your Floor

If you have walked across your hard flooring, such as vinyl, wood, tile, etc., and notice that there is a “warm” spot, or if there is a smaller room or area in your home such as a powder room or coat room that seems humid, these may be signs that you are dealing with a slab leak.

If you suspect a slab leak, you should call a professional right away to reduce the potential damage that occurs.



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