How to Tell When You Should Consult a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It’s never easy to move a senior loved one into an assisted living facility, but there are times when this is the best solution. While most facilities offer a good quality of care, there are some that don’t take very good care of the residents. Knowing how to identify neglect and abuse will help you determine when it’s time to consult a nursing home abuse lawyer in Joliet.

Recognize Neglect

Elder neglect is different from abuse in many ways, including in how to recognize the signs that it’s happening. You can more easily spot neglect by taking notice of the condition of your senior parent’s living conditions. Look for damages that go unrepaired, such as leaky faucets, missing door handles, or HVAC units that don’t function well.

Watch For Bruises

When you visit your senior loved one, you should take the opportunity to review their records. This is important to ensure they are getting the services for which your family is paying. Additionally, you should look for unexpected medical treatments. If your loved one is frequently bruised or treated for broken bones, you should question the facility’s manager.

Watch For Signs of Sexual Abuse

Staff members may sexually abuse a senior in their care, so try to be watchful for bruising around the private areas of the body. You should also look for bruising that indicates your senior parent has been restrained or strapped to their bed. If you see any signs of unexplained injuries, be sure to consult a nursing home abuse lawyer in Joliet as soon as possible.

If you believe your senior loved one is suffering abuse or neglect in an assisted living facility, contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. by visiting their website today.

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