How To Tell When You Need AC Repair

Chances are the air conditioning unit in your home is a popular device that is used to keep your home cool and comfortable. Many people find it difficult to manage without a working unit because their home becomes hot and stuffy and the air quality may become poor. As the owner of an AC unit, it is important to understand when you may need AC repair in Mesa. Having your system repaired before things get out of hand can save you quite a bit of time and money on expensive replacements.

One of the biggest ways to tell if your air conditioner needs servicing is if the air doesn’t seem as cold as it should be. Sometimes, your judgment may be off if it is an exceptionally hot day and you are sweaty. Ask your family and friends for their opinion on whether or not the air seems cool enough. If the air is beginning to feel musty and lukewarm than you definitely should have your system looked at. Your AC should be working efficiently and your home should be able to cool down quickly and remain at a comfortable temperature.

How the air flows is another great way to tell when your system may be ready for AC repair in Mesa. If it feels that the air is struggling to come out of the vents there are a few things you can try. Check to make sure that the vent is opened properly. Next, you may check to see if anything is obstructing the air ducts, especially if you have floor vents. If neither of these things are the problem than your unit may be failing due to a faltering compressor. In this case you should have a technician come out immediately to identify the problem and help you replace the necessary parts.

You can quickly tell when your unit needs repairs if it is making odd sounds or emitting bizarre odors. Neither of these things is normal. Many systems will make some kind of noise when they turn on and begin cooling your home, but you should easily be able to identify strange noises. If there is a loud clicking or humming sound that you have never heard before, contact a technician as soon as possible. In addition, bizarre odors may be a sign of a serious problem somewhere in the system that may present a potential safety hazard. While you want your system to work efficiently, it is also important that it is running safely. AC repair in Mesa is definitely the route to go if you are experiencing either one of these issues.


At Chandler Air, Inc. provides experienced technicians to fix your system when it isn’t working properly can keep your family safe and maintain great air quality in your home.

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