How to Tell If a Car Repair Service Is Honest in Poulsbo, WA

Although cheap, “fly-by-night” repair shops may offer cheaper services, the old adage “you get what you pay for” often comes back to haunt their customers. Especially for those new to the area, knowing which car repair service to trust is tricky. Here are a few ways to know you’ve found an honest, high-quality shop.

The Shop Has Been in Business Awhile

If a shop performs shoddy work, provides inaccurate estimates or fakes additional car issues for more revenue, word will spread. In today’s internet-oriented society, it’s easy for consumers to have a platform. Bad shops are also less likely to have official social media pages. Nobody wants to lose hard-earned money, so a dishonest repair shop is likely to lose business steadily. The longer it’s been in business, the better.

The Business Is Involved With the Local Community

A hallmark of an honest shop where you can get an oil change in Poulsbo WA is a commitment to community. Whether it’s sponsorship of local sports leagues, community outreach or technician mentoring programs, good shops give back to their customers.

The Shop Is Networked and Certified

Major vehicle service companies, such as NAPA and AAA, heavily vet companies before allowing them to be in their networks. Membership in a major network is a huge plus. Their mechanics should all be ASE-certified and be able to show proof.

Whether you need major repairs done or just an oil change in Poulsbo, WA make sure the company meets these three criteria!

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