How to Start Your Own Chiropractic Practice in Orange County, CA?

Put your chiropractic experience to good use by starting your chiropractic practice where you can help people while supporting your family. However, starting your own business in the medical industry is a huge endeavor. Learn how to start a chiropractic practice in Orange County CA.

How to Start a Chiropractic Practice

Acquire Financing

Your first step to opening a chiropractic business is to acquire financing. You will need a lot of money to get yourself established, so you’ll probably need a small business loan. Maintain a good credit score and consistent income to increase your chances of getting approved.

Set Up Your Office

Pick a location for your new chiropractic office and buy the equipment, office supplies, furniture, and decorations you’ll need when you open. You can stand out from the competition by offering elevated amenities at your facility, so learn about the most popular treatment trends so that you can accommodate the demand.

Hire Staff

You won’t be able to run your office entirely by yourself. You will need staff to support you. Hire an office manager to handle the scheduling, payments, and customer service. You can hire more staff as you grow.

You may want to consider opening up with another chiropractor. You will be able to share the space and the costs of the business.


Let people know you plan to open by talking to the press or holding a small event in the neighborhood. Continue to promote your business both locally and online.

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