How To Set Your Catering Tables for Different Norwich Events And Parties

Whether planning a big wedding, party, or meeting with business partners with colleges or business partners, your catering table goes a long way to set the party’s theme and mood. How you set your catering tables determines the interaction among the attendees and the space you need.

The setting depends on the event’s formality, how many courses you want to serve, and how you plan to serve the food and drinks.


This table setting is appropriate for holiday meals, weddings, corporate dinners, or other events requiring over three courses. It is the most symmetrical table setting, meaning you should pay much attention to your utensil placements.

You will need to have a charger, dinner, dessert, salad, and fish fork, napkin, menu card, salad, fish, butter, and dinner knife, dessert teaspoon, butter plate, white and red wine glass, champagne flute, and water glass.


This is the most commonly used, appropriate for dinner parties, casual weddings, and other events that require dressing up but not much formality. You need fewer utensils like a service plate, dinner and salad fork, salad and dinner knife, water and wine glass, dessert and soup spoon, napkin, and a menu card.


This is the basic setting for eating alone, a pizza night, daytime brunches, fancy home dinners, or casual dinner parties. You need a charger, service plate, salad and dinner fork, soup spoon, wine and water glass, and a dinner knife.


This table setting is for events with too many guests for individual serving. Have different meals at different tables to avoid traffic, and place the plates and napkins at the beginning of the food table. You can also include salad and dinner forks, water and wine glasses, soup spoons, dinner knives, and place setting cards.

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