How to Sell My Structured Settlement

If you have won a court decision in your favor you may have been offered a structured settlement. Helpful as these can be, however, they don’t always cover the financial realities that people face in the aftermath of long court cases, or the life events which spur them. Sometimes you don’t have time to wait for a structured settlement to play out: you need cash, and you need it now.

If that’s you, frantically Googling “How to sell my structured settlement,” this is for you.

Selling Your Structured Settlement

The only way that you can change or sell your structured settlement so you can receive cash sooner is with formal approval from the court. A judge needs to personally review the personal injury settlement and offer for it and approve the transaction. A proper structured settlement buyout firm will work with you to draw up a formal contract that meets your specific needs as well as the requirements of the court for a sale.

Court approval typically takes less than 60 days, at which time funds can be transferred to your account. Firms that make these deals often take a percentage, so you’ll want to ask how much of a cut they’ll take, but if you need cash fast, this is about as quickly as you can get a full lump sum from your deal.

Experience on Your Side

If after all that you’re still wondering “How can I sell my structured settlement,” chances are that you want answers that are tailored to your specific needs from a team you can trust. That’s why the best specialists in selling structured settlements can boast decades of experience in the industry. They know what it takes to get structured settlement payouts approved by a judge, understand the financial and legal elements inside and out, and can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Get your structured settlement payout settled with the best experts at We Pay More Funding LLC.

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