How to Secure Home Networking Services Cape Girardeau MO

Just like an email account or anything else used online, a Wi-Fi network should be password protected. This allows access to be minimized to the connection from anyone outside. In creating a password, incorporate a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The more complex, the better. It should be something that someone couldn’t guess.

Encrypt the Network

Beyond choosing a password, an encryption standard needs to be picked. These are different levels, in order from oldest to newest: Wired Equivalent Privacy, Wi-Fi Protection Access, Wi-Fi Protected Access II, and Wi-Fi Protected Access III. Depending on the equipment being used, choose the one that is most recent for it.

Update the Firmware on the Router

Although some are designed to improve stability, many firmware updates are built for security. However, getting the notifications for these upgrades can be difficult. Taking the time to register the router with the manufacturer when purchased should ensure that notification emails come about these enhancements. If this doesn’t turn out to be the case, plan to check their website occasionally and download them manually. Those who are not sure about their specific router can contact their internet provider for more specific information. They can typically point the user in the right direction.

Disable Remote Access

Today, most routers allow access to their interface only from a connected device. However, some of them allow access to remote systems. Once the remote access has been turned off, those with bad intentions will not be able to access the routers privacy settings from a device that isn’t connected to the wireless network. This can be done by searching for “remote access” or “remote administration”.

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