How To Save Many And Eat Healthier

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Home and Garden

When you are on a budget it might seem impossible to eat a healthy diet. Here are some ideas to help you do both.

Portion Size

Many of us eat very unhealthy portions when we are out for dinner or enjoying a meal at home. Using the guidelines provided by nutritionists you only need a three ounce serving of protein. By cutting down meals to healthy portion sizes you will not only save money but lose weight. You can split your plate into quarters and serve half a plate of veggies or salad a quarter of meat and a quarter of whole grains like brown rice or quinoa.

Cut of Meat

You can enjoy delicious healthy meals cooking them low and slow. This allows you to enjoy a lesser quality cut of meat which is more affordable, but when cooked properly is just as mouth watering and enjoyable as a prime cut. Look for recipes for your slow cooker and if you don’t have one invest in one seeking a deal at homeware online shopping sites.

Serve Roasts to Guests

It is natural to want to serve the finest food to guests and you can serve up a lovely meal with a nice, affordable roast such as a turkey breast, leg of lamb or pork shoulder. You will find many excellent recipes online to enjoy a nice old fashioned Sunday dinner with all the fixings for both an affordable and healthy meal.

Get Creative

Consider using a cut of meat you can serve at one meal and then use the left overs the next day. For example a nice roast chicken can be served one night and leftovers can be added to affordable whole grain rice for a delicious fried rice dinner or to pastas. Grains and whole grain pastas are very affordable and will feed more people for less money. You can also use leftovers in meals such as Mexican Quesadillas with salsa and cheese.

Think Asian

Asian cuisine uses protein with a nice selection of fresh vegetables. Go online and seek out homeware online shopping sites that sell nice woks. Then prepare yummy meals with plenty of affordable veggies such as carrots, celery and broccoli paired with chicken, beef or pork. You’ll stretch the servings and make people happy.



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