How to Remodel Kitchen Countertops in Tucson, AZ

One of the costliest remodeling projects homeowners undertake is kitchen renovations. This is because it includes the purchase of expensive kitchen appliances, outfitting of wooden cabinetry, as well as the kitchen countertops. Nevertheless, once the following ideas for Remodel Kitchen Countertops in Tucson AZ are implemented, they will help reduce the overall cost of the kitchen remodeling.

The first idea is the application of a beautiful faux paint on the laminate kitchen countertop. Using a few painting supplies and some simple painting techniques, the kitchen countertops will be looking beautiful in no time. Before applying the paint, it is crucial that the counter is thoroughly cleaned, primed, and sanded. It’s best to use paint rollers for total coverage when applying solid-color paint. Clear polyurethane can be applied in several thin coats to help the counter retain its new look.

Using eco-friendly recycled paper countertops is another way of making the kitchen look great while cutting down on costs. They are usually made from sustainable or recycled materials and are produced using a binder with low-toxicity. Though they give the impression of being short-lived, recycled paper countertops are actually very hard and durable when applied using a resin binder. The use of recycled glass is another durable, attractive, and eco-friendly alternative, though it’s a bit more expensive.

Ceramic tiles are another budget-friendly option for the remodeling of kitchen countertops. Tile is very easy to install, heat resistant, and comes in a range of attractive patterns and colors. The downside is that it is prone to cracking and chipping due to its low resistance to impacts. It also requires regular cleanup or new applications of grout due to the fact that spills from fresh cherries, coffees, teas, and other dark-colored drinks create very unattractive stains. It will be ill-advised for families with little kids to go with this option.

For homes and loft apartments that use a minimalist style for decoration, concrete countertops can be used to enhance and complement the existing decor. However, they are not resistant to stains and also tend to chip and scratch easily. For more information on budget-friendly ways to remodel kitchen countertops in Tucson AZ, please click here.

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