How to Prepare for Septic System Installation in Oak Harbor, WA

Before homeowners can move into newly constructed houses, they’ll need to have septic systems installed. It’s important that they work with professionals who have plenty of specialized experience with Septic System Installation in Oak Harbor WA. Read on to find some tips for how to prepare.

Gather Household Information

The contractors responsible for installing the new septic system will need to have a little bit of information so that they can choose the right tank and ensure that it will accommodate everyone in the household. They’ll need to know how many residents will be living there full time, how much water they’ll be likely to use, and what kind of water-using appliances the family will have installed.

Inspect the Proposed Drainage Field

Take a look at the proposed drain field area before the installation process begins. It’s always best to follow professional recommendations regarding soil type and tank location. However, homeowners, themselves, should take the initiative to inspect the area and make sure that they don’t have any future plans to build on top of the drain field.

Review Maintenance Procedures

Before Septic System Installation in Oak Harbor WA, homeowners should already have a good idea of what it takes to maintain a septic system. This includes what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet and the drains, how often the tank will need to be pumped out, and what kinds of problems might be likely to occur. Make a point of having a contract for ongoing professional maintenance drawn up, as well.

Prepare Questions

One of the advantages of reviewing maintenance procedures in advance is that it gives homeowners the chance to consider what questions they might have. Write them all down before the installation contractors arrive and don’t be afraid to ask what may feel like silly questions. Septic tank installers have devoted their careers to system maintenance but they understand that many homeowners aren’t familiar with how they work.

Verify Paperwork

Make a point of reviewing the paperwork for permits and regulations prior to the project’s start date. The contractors should take care of all of this, but homeowners often feel better after verifying that everything is in order.

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