How to Minimize Use of Manmade Chemicals in Farming in McGhee, Arkansas

You can find a variety of organic products in the stores, from fruits and vegetables to dog food. The “organic” label means the product was produced without pesticides, mass-produced fertilizers, and genetic seed modification. Weeds, insects, and microorganisms are considered pests because they threaten the viability of livestock and crops. Read on to find out how pest management services can help minimize the use of manufactured chemicals in farming.

Consider Integrated Pest Management

It is challenging to track pests on a farm and keep them from destroying crops. Many farmers rely on farming networks and intuition instead of science. However, integrated pest management (IPM) has become an essential tool. It allows farmers to monitor general population cycles of farm pests and minor outbreaks. This information will enable farmers to prepare for infestations within their district.

Use Organic Materials

Many pest management services in McGehee AR, are looking for ways to minimize the use of chemicals in gardens. They can use organic materials to control the insect population with naturally occurring plant oils. This service can also employ other methods like using special bacteria to control mosquitoes.

May Employ Stronger Methods

In some instances, a pest management issue may require the use of low-impact materials. Insects grow regulators are low impact materials, such as Methoprene and Hydroprene. They will not have adverse effects on humans.

It helps to track potential pests before they become a problem. Catching the infestation early allows you to avoid the use of dangerous chemicals and poisons. Contact GreenPoint Ag for a consultation today.

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