How to Know Your Tarpon Springs, FL, Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

Like any part of your house, your garage door will show signs of wear and tear over the years. A good garage door that was installed properly may last for several years, but there will come a time when you will need to find a good garage door repair service in Tarpon Springs, FL. Here are a few signs that you should make that call.

Lots of Noise and Shaking

While a garage door is never silent when it opens, hearing too much noise and seeing a lot of shaking are definitely signs that you may need to have your door or your opener repaired. For one thing, it could be a safety issue if you have old springs that are straining to open and close your door safely. That much noise is also annoying, so you will want to contact a repair service if you don’t want to disturb anyone whenever you open your garage door.

Broken Panels

Most residential garage doors consist of several panels that fit neatly together when the door is closed. Not only do these panels make it easier for the door to roll up smoothly, but they can keep thieves and other unwanted guests out of your garage. Broken panels can lead to a lot of trouble, so make sure to have them fixed as soon as you see them.


Older garage doors can warp if they are unbalanced or otherwise under a lot of stress. Warped garage doors won’t close properly, and they might damage your garage door opener. If you think this is a problem with your own garage door, contact a garage door repair service or replace the door altogether.

These are just a few signs that your garage door will need to be repaired or replaced. As always, it’s best to err on the side of caution and contact Discount Garage Doors, Inc. if you suspect that you have a problem. They are one of the premier garage door repair services in Tarpon Springs, FL, and they will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Visit Business Name to learn more about their services.

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