How to Keep Bats Out Of Your House After Bat Removal in Janesville

If you are unfortunate enough to live in a property where bats have spawned, you may be considering services like bat removal in Janesville. There are many misconceptions about bats, such as they are carriers of rabies. This is actually untrue and in fact, bats can promote healthy ecosystems and are important to have in this world. Despite this, bat removal in Janesville is essential for a comfortable lifestyle because after a while, bats can become rather annoying. To reduce the chances of bat species entering your property after bat removal in Janesville, take the following steps.

Points of Entry

Bats are clever animals that look for points of entry to make their way inside a property without any force. Seasonal changes may tempt bats into your home and when winter comes round, bats will hibernate to stay warm, which is why a building is so appealing to these animals. After bat removal in Janesville has been completed you should look for bat droppings to determine the points of entry. In most cases, bats will enter a property through holes next to pipes and wires, through the roof where tiles or shingles are missing, through poorly-fitted screens, through chimneys and through doors. Bear in mind that some bats can squeeze their way through holes as small as a bottle lid.

Repairing Broken Seals

Once you have located the points of entry you can repair the seals to reduce the chances of a bat entering your property again. Be careful if you come into contact with rat droppings because if you inhale the droppings, you may experience flu-like symptoms. It is best to hire a professional to repair broken seals on your roof, but if there are holes inside your property you can seal this yourself with hardware cloth or screens. By doing this, you can prevent re-entry and will not need to pay for bat removal in Janesville again.

Mothballs and Repellent

Another way to bat-proof your home after bat removal in Janesville is by using mothballs and repellent. Purchase a square of cheese cloth and place a few mothballs in the center of it. Tie the top and place it in the areas where bats tend to congregate. The odor will keep them at bay. Repellent works in a similar way and is very easy to use. Simply purchase some repellent from a nearby store and spray it in certain areas when the bats are not present. They should not return again once you do this.


Bat-proofing your home is easy when you know how and by doing this after paying for bat removal in Janesville, you can avoid inconveniences in the future. Although bats are not big carriers of rabies and they actually help to eat insects that infest certain areas, they can be a nuisance to live with.

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