How to Get SSI Benefits for Your Child in Bakersfield, CA

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Lawyers

Supplemental Security Income isn’t just for disabled adults; children with disabilities may qualify for SSI. Talking to disability lawyers in Bakersfield, CA helps determine if your child was eligible and if the SSA denied your child without cause. Continue reading to find out about SSI for disabled children.

Proving Your Child is Disabled

Proving that a child is disabled requires medical assessments by a physician and a psychiatric doctor. In addition, the disability must present future employment issues for the child and require extensive treatment. Eligible disabilities for children could include but are not limited to blindness, paralysis, mental disorders, or traumatic brain injuries. Consulting disability lawyers in Bakersfield helps determine if your child’s disability may prevent them from working as adults.

Educational Records for Your Child

The Social Security Administration needs educational records for your disabled child. The SSA needs these details if your child’s school conducted IEP evaluations or recommended special education. Disabilities that affect your child’s learning, such as ADD, ADHD, or autism, may qualify your child for SSI.

Meeting Monthly Income Restrictions

When assessing a child for SSI, the SSA needs income details for their household. For income assessments, you’ll need to give the SSA financial records, such as pay stubs and banking information. The SSA reduces monthly benefits if you or your household earns more money than allowed by the program during any month.

Supplemental Security Income is available for children who are disabled. There are income restrictions for families supporting disabled children financially, and the claimant must meet all requirements for the program. Contact Pena and Bromberg, PC to learn more about getting your child approved for SSI.

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