How To Evaluate Retirement Options

An advantage for individuals in the Greenville, SC, area planning their retirement is the ability to work one-on-one with a top financial advisor. Matthew Dixon is a recognized financial advisor and retirement planning expert, offering comprehensive services to help individuals and couples to plan for their future.

One of the reasons to use professionals like Matthew Dixon is the knowledge and expertise they bring on different retirement plans and investment options. Without a professional providing advice and recommendations, it becomes extremely difficult to evaluate all the different programs, plans, and investment options out there.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Choice

Some retirement investments are generally a good option for all ages and stages of employment and careers. Top financial advisors like Matthew Dixon typically recommend these types of retirement savings plans for those early in their careers and those working with employees offering matching contributions.

Other types of investments in the portfolio, including the mixture of stocks and bonds, will have different pros and cons depending on your time until retirement. Recognizing the risk levels, the potential for earning income, and other types of factors unique to your situation is critical.

Tax Savings Potential

Many people in Greenville, SC, are not maximizing their tax savings on assets. This is not only costing money but also limiting the ability to add to the opportunity to add to your retirement account.

Evaluating and taking advantage of tax-savings potential is a key factor in considering the advantage of different retirement options. This often overlooked factor can add significantly to your retirement savings in the long term.

Matthew Dixon at TruNorth Advisors offers a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. To schedule a one-on-one appointment, visit us online at

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