How to Evaluate An Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

Startup OEM companies in any type of industry have to carefully select the services they partner with for the production of parts and components. Making a wise choice allows the startup to partner with an experienced provider with the ability to meet production quality standards and to provide the orders as needed and on time.

Finding a provider for aluminum sheet metal fabrication services may take time, but it is worth the effort. Understanding if the fabrication service is a good match for your company and your order requirements starts with research and asking the right questions.

Scope of Work

Most metal fabrication companies market their services for aluminum sheet metal fabrication. However, working with aluminum alloys is not always easy, and knowing the specific tolerances and standards required in an industry is critical for the provider.

As an OEM, always take the time to research the sheet metal fabrication company’s past projects and their area of focus in the market. The larger companies may have different areas of focus, including HVAC, automotive, and construction industry expertise and experience, and they can work with small to high volume orders.

Quality Control and Production Options

Review the aluminum sheet metal fabrication company’s commitment to quality control and production. For most OEMs, the choice of an ISO 9001 company is critical and ensures quality control throughout production, a focus on continual process improvement, and a sustained effort to reduce waste throughout the fabrication process.

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