How to Detect and Repair Slab Leak Broken Arrow

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Plumbing

A slab leak is a seepage in the plumbing pipes that run through the slab on which the home sits. It can be troublesome to have slab leaks in your home because they can be extremely expensive to deal with, especially if left invisible for a long time. Under particular situations, slab pipe seep out water and put the integrity of the building in danger. A structure with a weak foundation can bring about expensive structural destruction, and to greater extents, sudden collapse may occur. Slab leaks can happen without being noticed due to lack of signs and if there are signs, they can be quite subtle.

If your plumbing system is leaking, look for a professional Plumber who have a good experience in fixing the leak without destroying the slab. Hiring professional plumbers is critical, especially during house construction, to assemble pipes correctly and tightly. Competent plumbing contractors have tools designed for detecting leakage under concrete without having to excavate the entire foundation.

How to detect Slab Leaks

Lookout for the following symptoms of water leaks below slab concrete:

  • Elevated water bills
  • Sound of running water, when the water is switched off
  • Excessive humidity under carpets
  • Warm spots and cracks on the floor

If your building shows the above signs, take immediate action and engage competent plumbers for Slab Leak Broken Arrow detection and fixing. All water leaks have to be serviced right away, because they may cause damages on structural foundation.

Causes of slab leaks are:

Inadequate plumbing craftsmanship: Slab Leak Broken Arrow can occur due to novice plumbers, low quality plumbing work, faulty plumbing material, and broken piping setup. These factors heighten the possibilities that your plumbing system is very ineffective and collapse easily due to wear and tear, water pressure, and water chemistry.

Chemistry: Copper pipes are more vulnerable to corrosion-corroded pipe causes pinhole leaks.

  • Incorrect assembly of pipes and fittings
  • Large water pressure can cause the water pipe to burst open
  • Poor workmanship and aged plumbing
  • Repairing Slab Leak Broken Arrow

Slab leaks are serious plumbing problems, so as soon as you detect one, you should call a trusted, experienced Broken Arrow Plumber to diagnose the problem.

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