How to Create Perfect Summer Decks in Brookfield, WI

With summer finally here, homeowners across Wisconsin are looking for ways to encourage their families to get outside and make full use of their backyards. The right decks in Brookfield WI can make all the difference. Read on to find out how to prepare decks to create a perfect space for outdoor summer fun.

Battle the Bugs

The right plants can add some much-needed vibrancy to any deck, but that’s not all they can do. They also create a positive environment for beneficial insects, which helps to keep mosquito populations in check. Those who are dealing with serious bug problems might want to consider mint, lavender, and lemon geranium, all of which are great at providing some protection against mosquitoes.

Create Comfortable Space

Add some outdoor furniture to the deck to create comfortable spaces for lounging with books, observing the wildlife, or socializing with friends. Think of furnishing the deck as if it were a room, and purchase matching wood or wicker furniture sets intended for outdoor use. Be sure to add a table or two for holding drinks and summer snacks.

Set up a Grill

Summer barbecues offer a great way to socialize with friends and neighbors while enjoying a day off in the summer sun. Propane grills offer the same benefits as charcoal grills with less mess, so those who want all the benefits of an outdoor grill with none of the hassles might want to go this route.

Add Some Shade

There are a few ways to provide shade for backyard decks in Brookfield WI. Homeowners can have permanent roofs attached, use roll-out canvas covers that can be removed for sunbathing, or simply throw up a porch umbrella. No matter what route they take to provide shade, homeowners, their families, and visitors will appreciate being able to get out of the sun without having to head indoors on a beautiful day.

Where to Buy a Deck

Don’t have the perfect deck yet? Contact Outdoor Living Unlimited to learn about construction options. This respected hardscaping company can also help homeowners with everything from retaining walls and pavers to full sunrooms and outdoor kitchens, so visit them online today to learn more.

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