How to Choose a Nursery School in Pittsburgh, PA

Time seems to fly by so fast after a child is born, it can seem like only days have passed between infancy and seeing kids off on their first days of school. Recent decades have shown a trend toward starting informal schooling at a younger age, and children who attend nursery school in Pittsburgh, PA are often at an advantage over their peers entering kindergarten without prior socialization as a result.

As hard as it can be for parents to be apart from their young children, it truly is a benefit for the children themselves. Through attending nursery school, young children will learn to socialize with their peers and get a head start on their academic careers. This is only true if the nursery school is well-equipped to teach young children the skills that they need to thrive, though.

Look for a mix between academically-oriented activities such as early literacy and number awareness exercises and designated play time. Most children in nursery school in Pittsburgh, PA are better able to develop and to thrive in a structured environment, but that shouldn’t mean there is no room for creativity and personal expression. Activities like group play and visual arts exploration can help children learn to express themselves and get along with others. These skills are every bit as important for their age group as things like learning to recite the ABCs and learning numbers.

Parents that already have a particular nursery school in mind may want to spend a little bit of time observing the children and speaking with the staff before making a final decision. During this visit, look for diversity of activities, outdoor play areas, engaged and highly-qualified staff, and well-structured activities. If it appears as though the children are not getting adequate attention, or the staff seems stressed or overworked, heed the warning signs and look elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, the children are all engaged in individual or group play, seem to enjoy the activities being presented to them, and are clearly being adequately watched over in a safe environment, consider enrolling the child early to ensure that there will be a spot available. High-quality nursing schools like ABC’s For Children often fill up quickly, so it’s wise to take advantage of available openings.

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