How Family Law Attorneys Can Help – Family Law Attorney in Frederick

Family law attorneys are expert legal professionals who specialize in family law. They work to help families resolve legal disputes including issues involving prenuptial agreements, divorce and child custody agreements, and wills and estate handling.

Family lawyers can help with legal counsel for family mediation and guardianship agreements, and can legally represent families in court. Learn more about hiring a family law attorney in Frederick.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are financial agreements signed by a couple before they are married. They are legal contracts that specify spousal support and property division in the event of a separation or divorce. Family lawyers can help couples create a prenuptial agreement and assist with the contract in court.


Divorce can be a very stressful event in anyone’s life, and for families, it can be devastating. Couples can become very emotional when dealing with a divorce, and may need a family attorney to help with the process as a mediator or with a court case. They can help families settle a divorce without the added stresses of having to go through a lengthy court trial.

Child Custody Agreements

When couples break up or divorce, one of the most difficult decisions to make is who will get the kids. Some couples will argue and fight over the kids to the point of no resolution. This is where a family attorney can help with mediation and counseling for the parents to come together on an agreement for the sake of the children. They are also experts at assisting parents with drafting formal custody agreements.

Wills and Estates

Wills and estates can be drafted to help people to ensure their legal documents are in order and distributed in accordance with their wishes.

Find out how a family law attorney in Frederick can provide expert legal counsel for families. Contact Russell and Heffner LLC today to set up a consultation.

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