How Double Glazing Helps your Home Stay Warm

Double glazing’s proper name is insulated glazing and it works by having double paned or triple paned windows. The two—or three—panes are separate by a vacuum pocket containing air or gas and is designed to reduce heat loss. Many older homes with single glazed windows can be extremely drafty owing to the lack of insulation but those windows are quickly being phased out in favor of more modern energy-saving window systems.

When manufacturers make modern double glazing they do it to certain specifications of glass thickness. Usually, the glass thickness ranges between an eighth of an inch and three-eighths of an inch for most home-based windows. Other, thicker glass can be made for other structures, such as office buildings. The two glass panes use a ‘spacer’ to separate them from one another and the vacuum of gas or air between the two creates the primary insulation. The thickness of the space between the two panes can determine just how energy efficient the windows are when installed. For instance, if there is a smaller amount of space between the two, it would contain less gas and therefore cause heat loss via diffusion and if the space is too wide, it fails to damp out the convection currents. That could be part of the reason why some older double glazed windows tend to accumulate condensation, ice build-up, or water between the two panes.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping your home well insulated can reduce your fuel bills by considerable amounts, giving you generous savings throughout the year. Part of your home’s energy efficiency is centered on the main areas of your home where drafts can leak in, letting warm air out. Your loft is one of the main areas of trouble that should always be properly insulated, but next to that, your windows are the main cause of heat escaping from your home. There seems little point in turning your heat up just to warm the garden, when it’s only forty degrees outside, but effectively that is what leaky windows do. Companies who offer double glazing in Esher will assess your windows and home for energy efficient replacements and fit them to the best standard possible to ensure you save money on your energy bills.

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