How Does Powder Coating Steel Help Protect It from Rust?

Made with iron and carbon, steel corrodes when exposed to the atmosphere. However, this can be prevented by powder coating. How exactly does powder coating protect steel from rust? Keep reading to find out.

What is Powder Coating

It is a dry finishing process that is applied as a metal finish on most industrial equipment. It is used through an electrostatic process as dry powder. Powder coating is well known for its ability to produce top-quality finishes in appearance and functionality.

They are used on different surfaces like steel, metal, concrete, and plastic.

How Does Powder Coating Steel Protect Against Rust?

Steel will oxidize and rust when exposed to oxygen. This means the best way to prevent it from rusting is to cut off oxygen from reaching its surface.

Powder coating steel effectively puts a plastic layer over its surface. This cuts off the oxygen supply to the surface of the steel and thus prevents it from rusting.

Due to its toughness and durability, powder coating steel is an efficient way to prevent it from corrosion. When the coating solidifies, more layers can be added to increase its thickness. Powder-coated steel with thicker layers of coating is more durable and provides better protection.

Can a Powder Coated Steel Rust?

Technically, a powder-coated still can rust, but the process is usually much slower compared to plain steel. Over time, exposure to UV rays can cause a crack that allows oxygen to reach the surface.

How To Ensure Your Powder Coated Steel Lasts Long

As earlier mentioned, powder coating steel does not prevent it from rusting forever. However, the quality of coating can determine how much protection the steel gets. Therefore, if you’re looking to hire a powder coating company to handle your company’s steel coating needs, be sure to choose companies with a track record of creating extra-durable powder-coated steel.

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