How Does Medicaid Risk Adjustment Change The Revenue Of Healthcare Orgs

Would your organization benefit from Medicaid risk adjustment software? This solution tends to lower costs while improving the experience of your patients. As a result, it’s been a growing issue, and providers are paying attention.

What Is Medicaid Risk Adjustment?

When treating patients, risk factors determine how much funding they receive. So, recording accurate information is vital since it has such a big impact. Using automated tech to score patients reduces mistakes, and things improve.

Hierarchical Condition Categories Coding

Accurate HCC coding does more than just bring a company into compliance. It also benefits them by increasing the amount they receive from payers. That’s why so many providers are changing the way they’re doing them now.

Renewed RAF Calculations

Readjusting the RAF calculation of a patient can bring in more revenue. Plus, the patient will receive better care since they’ll have more disposable funds.

Reduced Chart Retrieval Costs

When transferring patients to a new setting, retrieving their charts may cost a lot. Yet, lowering the cost of chart retrieval isn’t too hard after using this software.

HEDIS Compliance

Besides, nothing matters more than maintaining compliance when you’re a large provider. If you treat tons of patients daily, HEDIS compliance is a major concern. Fortunately, this tool improves compliance without adding undue burden to the organization.

Continuing Provider Education and Training

Bringing providers up to speed isn’t a challenge when you have training modules like this. Once they’ve finished one of them, they can move on to another to continue learning.

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