How Cool Is This! House Calls from the Best Dental Clinic in Mesa, AZ?

Remember when doctors made house calls years ago? Imagine this with house calls from the dentist delivered right to your home. That’s convenient, amazing, and the modern way to maintain oral health. A mobile dental practice can fit into your busy lifestyle and provide the affordable services you need to keep your teeth in good shape. This professional is friendly and skilled and arrives with the proper, sterilized equipment from the best dental clinic in Mesa, AZ.

From Fillings to Crowns and More

The mobile dental team that makes house calls can offer a variety of dental procedures you might need. These experts not only can assess you for general cleaning, but they can perform beyond x-rays and routine examinations. The team is comprised of dental assistants, hygienists, and dentists who can also visit you for a filling, to have a crown or dentures made, for periodontal work, emergency tooth removal, etc.

Best of all, the dental clinic in Mesa, AZ can administer its treatment plan right in the comfort of your residence. Consider this; you can have a dental set up in your home in only 10 minutes! These pros will even work bedside.

More Money in Your Pocket, Too

Choosing a mobile dental practice that makes house calls can save you money. For instance, the overhead is lower for the clinic, and its technology is cutting-edge, so the entire process is streamlined. The clinic’s costs are up to 30% lower than those charged by traditional dental practices. The patient can also have the clinic review their dental insurance plan to see if benefits are covered. If you are without dental insurance, the mobile team offers a savings plan with zero deductibles or limits.

Here’s another plus; you don’t need a referral to utilize the mobile dental clinic in Mesa, AZ. New patients are always welcome. All you have to do is reach out today and register. These compassionate professionals look forward to meeting you. Contact Smiles by Delivery at

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