How Can You Be a Good Neighbor in a Student Apartment?

When you’re living in student apartments near Illinois State University, you don’t just have a responsibility to yourself. You’re also responsible for creating a safe, peaceful environment for the residents around you. Here’s some advice on being a good neighbor when living in a student apartment.

How to Be a Good Neighbor to Your Fellow Residents

Student apartments might not have as many rules and regulations as dorm rooms, but that doesn’t mean you should cause a ruckus at odd hours of the night. You don’t have to tiptoe up and down the hallway, but use common sense and don’t create a lot of noise, especially if other people are trying to sleep or study. Avoid playing loud music, blasting your speakers, yelling or shouting and doing anything else that might cause a disturbance.

Keeping your living area clean and sanitary is also part of being a good neighbor. No one’s going to want to live next to your room if they can smell week-old pizza from the other end of the hallway. You have the right to live on your own terms, but you should still make an effort to keep your apartment clean and inviting for guests.

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