How Are People Disqualified from Disability Payments In Virginia Beach?

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Lawyer

Many assume that, because they have medical conditions that prevent them from working, they’ll automatically get disability benefits. However, certain factors may lead to a disqualification. A disability attorney in Virginia Beach will evaluate these factors and help clients get the benefits they deserve.

Not Meeting Blue Book Criteria

To qualify for benefits, a person’s condition must meet a listing in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. Clients can provide documentation of their condition or ask their doctor to perform an assessment. Those who lack the mental or physical capacity to work for a year or more may qualify for disability payments.

Lacking Work Credits

To receive Social Security Disability Insurance, one must accumulate sufficient work credits depending on how long they’ve been in the workforce. A disability attorney in Virginia Beach will evaluate a client’s work history, among other factors, before determining their eligibility for disability payments.

Income is Too High

To receive benefits, a person cannot engage in SGA or substantial gainful activity and make more than a pre-set amount. For this year, the limit is $1350 per month; for those who are blind, the limit is $2260 per month.

Get SSDI Claims Help

It’s not easy to win a Social Security disability claim, but it’s possible. With help from a disability attorney in Virginia Beach, clients can gather the evidence needed to document their eligibility for disability benefits. Contact O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group to schedule a consultation with a local attorney.

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