Hold Onto Your Money in Mesa Until You Talk to a Bail Company

If someone you know is arrested, they will likely be taken to jail unless they are released right away. In order for them to be released before they go to court, you can contact a bail bond company. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you hire an agent.


When you begin looking for a bail bond company in Mesa, AZ, you’re probably going to try to find one that’s the cheapest available, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. While there are companies that claim to offer lower percentages for the amount that you have to pay, you need to remember that the state will usually set the minimum amount to be paid in order for bail to be posted. In most states, this is 10% of the total bond amount.


Although paying the entire amount that’s needed upfront would be the best option, a bail bond company in Mesa, AZ can usually work with you to try to get your family member out of jail. You can sometimes make payments to the company or use a credit card if you don’t have cash. Keep in mind that the total amount can’t be changed, but there are ways to make paying it a little easier. Collateral is also an option to consider, such as a car title.

Who Can Get Bail?

Before you pay any money to an agent, you need to ask if the person who is in jail is eligible for bail. There are some crimes that are committed that result in the person not being able to get out of jail before going to court, such as murder.

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