Hiring a Personal Injury attorney Tucson AZ

Following a personal injury, cash is usually short. You’ve likely had major expenses such as hospital bills, car repairs, or lost work. Lawyers are often considered expensive to begin with. Luckily, retaining a Personal Injury attorney Tucson AZ usually comes with no upfront cost.

Most personal injury attorneys Tucson, AZ will offer a free consultation. This is a meeting with the lawyer for 30 to 60 minutes at no charge to you and no obligation to hire the lawyer. During this time, you are able to discuss the facts of what happened to you with the lawyer, get advice on whether you have a claim worth pursuing in court, and determine whether that lawyer is able to best handle your claim. Even if the lawyer is not able to help you, they will usually be able to point you in the right direction, whether that is to drop the claim, act on your own, find a more specialized lawyer, or use a free legal services organization.

During this meeting, you should ask the lawyer about their experience and how many similar claims they have handled in the past. Although lawyers are generally qualified and therefore theoretically able to handle any kind of case, each type of claim comes with nuances that mean the difference between an average, good, or great lawyer can be thousands of dollars or more. Remember though that just because a lawyer has won cases before or gotten big settlements or jury verdicts does not mean you are guaranteed to get the same result in your case.

One important consideration is how well you think you will be able to work with the lawyer. You will need to talk with them constantly to help them prepare your case. Also, in order to reduce your bill, they may ask you to complete certain tasks such as picking up something from court instead of charging you per hour to do it.

The fees for a personal Injury attorney Tucson AZ are usually on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay them up front and they are only paid if you recover money. The lawyer takes a percentage of anything you win, usually about one third.

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