Hiring A Disability Attorney In Missouri After An Accident Produces A Permanent Disability

With a Disability Attorney in Missouri, you acquire guidance through difficult circumstances. Individuals who sustain injuries that lead to permanent disabilities may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they meet the eligibility requirements. An attorney who practices within the disability field can make this distinction for you by reviewing the guidelines that apply to your injuries. To determine whether your injuries entitle you to social security disability benefits, contact the Grundy Disability Group promptly.

Permanent Disabilities As A Result Of An Accident

Whenever you are in an accident in which you sustain an injury, it is paramount for your doctor to determine whether these injuries have produced a permanent disability. In the event that you acquire a permanent disability, your doctor should prepare documentation that fully describes your injuries and how they will prevent you from working. Under the guidelines for Social Security disability benefits, these injuries could be classified as physical or mental. Your attorney will utilize this documentation to prepare your disability claim and submit it to the civil court for consideration.

Local Disability Assistance

The Grundy Disability Group provides you with a Social Security Disability Attorney in Missouri who will fight for your right to benefits. These attorneys will review your doctor’s determination in terms of whether or not your injuries are permanent and how they may affect you becoming gainfully employed in the future. If these injuries will prevent you from supporting yourself and your family and meet the eligibility requirements, call the Grundy Disability Group to file a disability claim.


Your Disability Attorney in Missouri prepares your disability claim based on the determinations of your doctor after an accident. When it is established that your injuries present a permanent disability that will affect your ability to work, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. It is beneficial to you to consult with an attorney to establish eligibility and to present a claim to the court.

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