Hire an Armed Private Security Guard in Dayton to Protect Your Party Guests

Whether you are planning a concert or a huge birthday party, you can keep your venue safe with an Armed Private Security Guard in Dayton. Unlike traditional security guards, who do not carry weapons and are only authorized to call police in an emergency situation, armed security guards have the power to keep your guests safe and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Though armed security guards carry weapons, their role is not to threaten or intimidate your guests. Security guards help your guests feel safe by acting as a deterrent to crime at your event. There is a much lower likelihood of trouble with an armed guard present. If there is an occurrence at your party, your highly-qualified and trained security guard can quickly diffuse the situation so the rest of your guests are not affected by the problem.

Some people shy away from crowded concerts and parties for fear of fights or other rowdy behavior. To get those people to come out and relax, you need to make them feel safe. With one or more armed security guards in attendance, your guests can enjoy themselves, knowing that the rules will be enforced. When the purpose of your event is for everyone to have fun, they need to feel comfortable enough to do so. An Armed Private Security Guard in Dayton can increase the perception of safety at your party and may also increase attendance and profits at a paid event.

If you will be collecting cash for admission to your event, an armed security guard can ensure that the cash makes it to the safe without incident. Anyone who is concerned about a potential robbery should consider hiring an armed security guard to help them safeguard the money they collect at the door.

When you request a security guard, you will have a choice between an armed and unarmed officer. In many cases, an unarmed guard is sufficient to keep a business or event secure. When you need a stronger deterrent, an armed security guard can help make your event a success by keeping all of the guests and the profits from the event safe.

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