High Skilled San Antonio Dermatologist Dr. Byron Limmer

Academic Dermatology’s Dr. Byron Limmer is an esteemed, high skilled San Antonio dermatologist who provides preventative and skin cancer treatment such as Mohs surgery. With years of experience, Dr. Limmer has a reputation for administering knowledgeable and thorough care, utilizing the latest technology and treatments available.

The treatments that Dr. Byron Limmer offers for pre-cancer and cancer treatments are photodynamic therapy (PTD), micrographic surgery, Mohs and other treatments depending on the patients specific needs. Dr. Byron Limmer also offers a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, for both women and men of all ages. Dr. Byron Limmer prides himself in continuous education, staying aware of the latest procedures in the market. One of the more popular and recent procedures that has seen an increase in requests is Cosmetic Fillers of San Antonio. Academic Dermatology proudly offers this and other modern procedures.

Dr. Byron Limmer takes the time to learn about each patient’s case, adhering to their specific needs for treatment. He gets to know his patients and assesses each specific circumstance providing the best methods and treatments most beneficial for each patient. Dr. Byron Limmer provides a plethora of options, exhausting all avenues to provide the care that will be most beneficial for each patient.

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